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Suture, Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed 5-0 18 P3

Suture, Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed 5-0 18 P3


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Product Name Suture, Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed 5-0 18 P3
Size 5-0
Material Vicryl coated braided
Color Undyed
Needle Type P3
Strength High tensile strength
Handling Smooth and easy knot tying
Coating Minimizes friction for reduced tissue trauma
Application Delicate and fine wound closures


The Suture, Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed 5-0 18 P3, a reliable and versatile solution for suturing wounds with precision and confidence. This high-quality suture is meticulously crafted to provide exceptional strength, flexibility, and tissue support, ensuring optimal wound healing outcomes.

The Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed Suture features a unique composition that combines the strength of a braided structure with the smoothness of a coating. This combination enhances the suture’s handling characteristics, allowing for easy and secure knot tying. The braided design provides excellent tensile strength, while the coating reduces friction, minimizing tissue trauma during suturing.

With its 5-0 size, this suture is designed for delicate and fine wound closures. It is ideal for procedures that require precise and meticulous suturing, such as ophthalmic surgery, plastic surgery, or microsurgical interventions. The suture’s fine diameter allows for minimal tissue disruption and promotes cosmetically favorable results.

The Undyed Vicryl Coated Braided Suture offers enhanced visibility during and after the suturing process. The undyed nature of the suture ensures easy identification, reducing the risk of leaving remnants behind and facilitating accurate removal when necessary.

Manufactured with utmost precision, the Suture, Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed 5-0 18 P3 meets stringent quality standards. It is made from biocompatible and absorbable materials, ensuring compatibility with the body’s tissues. The suture maintains its tensile strength throughout the critical wound healing period and is gradually absorbed by the body over time.

Trust in the Suture, Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed 5-0 18 P3 for its exceptional quality and performance. Manufactured by trusted medical suppliers, this suture adheres to strict industry regulations and is backed by a history of successful clinical use. Its reliable strength, flexibility, and tissue support make it a preferred choice for healthcare professionals seeking optimal wound closure outcomes.

Choose the Suture, Vicryl Coated Braided Undyed 5-0 18 P3 for precise and reliable wound closure. Its unique combination of braided structure and coating, fine diameter, and undyed nature ensure ease of use, optimal visibility, and excellent tissue support. Trust in its quality construction and compatibility to achieve superior wound healing.

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