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Manufacturer Ethicon
Product category Surgical stapling
Product group Skin staplers
Description Sterile, single patient use skin stapler
Wire diameter 0.53mm – 0.58 mm
Size Wide
Staple leg length 3.9 mm
Number of staples 35
Staple texture Dry film coating for esy extraction
Staple crown 5.7mm – 6.9 mm
Material Stainless steel
Application Surgery
Weight 1.1023 lb
Handle material Plastic
Ergonomic Yes
Features Efficient kick-off spring technique for multi-directional release and comfortable pistol-grip handle
Compatible product Squeeze-handle staple extractor


The Ethicon multi-directional stapler is ergonomically designed to provide precision and comfort. Over the years, Ethicon has designed different skin staplers and gradually improved the efficiency of the products. This particular product is designed with a kick-off spring that ensures the multi-directional release of the pins. Generally, an improved MD stapler includes a body and driver. A stapler track contains the staples, and a magazine is linked to the stapler body. A trigger alongside the body helps in stapling the skin or wound. The moveable trigger can be set from a pre-firing position to the firing point when ready. It contains 35 regular or wide staples.

The Ethicon stapler has a long and stable pistol handle that provides a maximum area for the professional. It allows the user to hold the product in place and then staple the area, but the shorter trigger makes way for minimum movement while stapling. So, it increases accuracy and leads to minimal wastage of pins. Every professional needs a product that is easy to use. That is one of the prime reasons why staplers are preferred to sutures. Still, you do not want a stapler that hinders you from seeing the area. The Ethicon skin stapler is designed to ensure visibility of the wound while stapling. It comes with an alignment indicator to avoid any such hindrance.

A skin stapler comes under the category of surgical staplers and is a useful alternative to conventional suturing. A stainless steel stapler can help to close both punch excisions and scalpel wounds effortlessly. Apart from precision, it offers speed and comfort and eliminates any risk of needlestick injury. As compared to suturing, if you use a skin stapler, you can accomplish the target in one-fifth to half the time required originally. A stapler provides superior cosmetic results and is preferred by many young people. No specified post-operative dressing is required unless specified by your healthcare professional.

Usage: A skin stapler can be used for skin openings where nerves and tendons are deep or wounds with mismatched edges on the patient?s hands, neck, face, or feet.

Precautions: Ensure that the midpoint of the stapler sits on the laceration line, which is in between the wound edges. While stapling, ensure that you evert the edges of the skin. The stapler is great for nonlinear wounds, so do not put unnecessary pressure while pressing the trigger. Provide a clear date for the staples to be removed, as delay can cause infections.

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