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Stapler, Fixed Head Pistol Grip Wide with 35 Staples

Stapler, Fixed Head Pistol Grip Wide with 35 Staples


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Manufacturer Ethicon
Mfg Number PXW35
Material Stainless steel
Orientation Wide fixed-head
Diameter 0.58 mm
Staple leg length 3.9 mm
Sustainability Single patient use
Staples count 35
Usage Single Patient Use
Handle Type Pistol Grip Handle
Application Fixed Head Stapler
Qty per box 6


The fixed head skin stapler is a sterilized, single-patient-use surgical stapling equipment that is made to administer rectangular stainless steel staples for routine wound closure. The incorporated material is strong and allows a minimal opening for effective results. The efficacy is made possible due to the rectangular orientation of the stapler. The Fixed-Head Skin stapler differs from the Skin Stapler, only using its fixed head format and sharing similar features with the latter one.

The fixed head stapler has a ratchet mechanism that allows simplified staple placement due to its nature of continuous unidirectional motion. This prevents motion of the instrument in the opposite direction assuring error-free delivery of the staple. The pistol grip is ergonomic and allows smooth and intuitive handling. This feature ensures visibility and control, making the fixed head staples ideal for regular wound closures. Staple extraction is made accessible due to dry film coating that ultimately facilitates the procedure of skin closure facile.

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