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Chromic Gut 1 36″ CTX Taperpoint 1/2C 48mm

Chromic Gut 1 36″ CTX Taperpoint 1/2C 48mm


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Manufacturer Sharpoint
Manufacturer # C905N
Material Chromic Gut
PID 104172
Length 48mm
Absorbability Absorbable


Chromic catgut is a natural absorbable suture. It has slow absorption for its treatment with salts to delay absorption. An enzymatic reaction absorbs chromic catgut through phagocytosis. The tissue reaction to these sutures is mild. The body”s enzymes digest it, but absorption is slow due to chromizing; complete absorption occurs after 90 days. Because proteolytic enzyme activity is high, it is rapidly absorbed in infected tissues. It is also rapidly absorbed in non-infected tissues with increased proteolytic enzyme activity, such as the stomach, cervix, and vagina.

Twisted multifilaments are packaged as a monofilament in a wetting solution. The solution is usually aqueous alcohol or glycerine to prevent drying. When the catgut dries, it stiffens, making it challenging to handle the suture. It has high tensile strength and a consistent absorption time. With firmness in the knot, it has an excellent quality that makes handling easier. Each strand is precision polished to a consistent diameter, allowing for a smooth and secure knot. Not suitable for procedures requiring the joining of tissues over a long period.

In obstetrics, gynecology, general surgery, urology, gastrointestinal surgery, and ophthalmic surgery, chromic sutures are used for ligation. It is not approved for use in cardiovascular or neurosurgery procedures. The suture is also not recommended for patients sensitive to chromium or collagen. Pipeline Medical is a leading supplier of surgical sutures and other medical supplies, now delivering across the USA.

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