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6-0 Express Gut Plain, Undyed 18″/45cm P-3

6-0 Express Gut Plain, Undyed 18″/45cm P-3


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Manufacturer Sharpoint
Manufacturer # B1918N
PID 100194
Material Plain Catgut
Size 6-0
Needle PC-1
Needle Sie 13 mm
Absorbability Absorbable


Express gut is one of the fastest absorbing sutures. It provides adequate wound care for five to seven days. It is an uncoated, undyed absorbable suture with PC 1-needle, 3/8 circle precision, and conventional cutting. Plain gut sutures are absorbable, sterile, and made of purified tissue, primarily collagen. Collagen is mainly derived from the serosal layer of beef (bovine) or ovine, a submucosal fibrous layer of sheep intestine. Plain gut sutures are packaged in a 1% triethanolamine, 89% isopropanol, and 10% water solution. It is approved for use in gastrointestinal surgery, cuticles, general surgery, ligatures, general closure, and paediatrics. It is frequently used in bowl anastomosis, general closure, urology, and gynaecology or obstetrics.

Plain gut guarantees high tensile strength and consistent absorption. The uniform diameter of each strand is precision polished, ensuring secure and smooth knotting. The infection can reduce the tensile strength of plain gut sutures. Plain gut sutures can cause minor inflammation due to the body”s reaction to foreign agents. The body absorbs the plain gut suture via an enzymatic process. This process is similar to protein digestion in that as the suture begins to absorb into the body, the tensile strength decreases and the suture is completely absorbed. We provide surgical sutures and other medical supplies across the United States. Buy surgical sutures online from us.

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